The very first commercial dog food is made of waste materials from meat processing plants. Dog food has come very long way since then. Nowadays owner of dog can get information what is best for their dog and what is not. To find the best food for your dog you have to do bit research and look for ratings of dog food. The rating is available from different forms of resources which help you to choose the most nutritious food for your dog and considered as highest rated dog food.

Dog food is rated on different aspects. Some aspects are basic on ingredients used, quality, the origin, and nutrition and also basic on background of the food making company, including their history, standards, quality, and ever they were involved in any pet food recall.

Before buying any food you have to do the research and review of dog food you are going to purchase, to understand problem with these kinds of ratings. Because a dog food maker will never reveal the true quality of ingredients that has been used it make products they attempt to rate. Not only this most of dog food Maker Company conceals the origin of their ingredients, they also some time change source of their ingredients. So they can easily sale raw materials used to make food in the open market. And the worst part is that manufactures are not legally had to report any changes made with food in their suppliers to their customers. This means they can purchase cheap raw material from third part suppliers. So at the time of research rating, make sure to research thoroughly.

There are three brands which are highest dog food ratings are orijen, innova, and canned pet food. This company provides balance diet for your dog.

Orijen: is considered best in dry dog food as it contain mixture of vegetables, fruits, and meat have very fresh ingredients and it is recognized as premium brand in dog food and best thing about this brand is that it is affordable and easy available.

Innova: it contains all tree proteins, and it contains all ingredients which help to make your dog strong and healthy. And lots of dog owner preferred this brand as it is cheaper and rich in all aspects.

Candae: this is dog food with complete diet and with four proteins and whole ingredients and also has amino acids. It is bit pricey but easily available. From other dog food it content grains and human grade meat. And it can be easily mix with other dry food or cam be given as sole food.